Your FOB is a small decive that easily attaches to your keys or backpack. Your FOB is for your personal use. You must have it with you every time you enter the dining hall. This policy ensures speed of service and protects your plan from unauthorized use. Please note that Gold meal plans are not transferable between customers.

There is an unlimited seconds policy for dine in customers, except on premium nights. Please take what you want, but eat what you take. All you care to eat food and drink items must be consumed in the dining room.

No problem! Our Campus Dining Services Program can accommodate your special dietary requirements. For more information, please contact Chef Jonna Hellbusch at (402) 465-2232 or

Located in the Prairie Point Dining Center or Archway Cafe of the Roy G. Story Student Center, Simply to Go offers a quick alternative to dining for our students, staff, faculty, and guests. Meal plans may be used along with Paw Points, Munch Money, cash and check.

Munch Money balances do carry over from fall to spring semester, but any unused Munch Money shall be forfeited at the end of each academic year.